Wednesday, August 15, 2012

San Diego Sand Castle Competition 2012: A Must See Attraction in Southern CA

Looking for just the right fun thing to do in San Diego for Labor day weekend 2012?
Are you into the art seen?
How about 3D art?
How about sculptures made out of nothing but sand?!

If you have never seen a sand sculpture get ready to be amazed!

Join the San Diego community expected to come out to look at the incredible 3-dimensional works of art at this new 2012 San Diego sand castle competition!

These sculptures look like they belong in a museum! You can be a part of the San Diego sand castle competition by simply just showing up. Bring your family and friends and just enjoy a day at the beach complete with the entertainment of sand castle construction, musicians, singers, storytellers, pirates, magicians, kids activities and more!

The San Diego Sand Castle Contest Details

The US Sand Sculpture Challenge will have master artists from around the world create magnificent sand sculptures.

More than 300 tons of sand is being brought in to give the artists everything they need to build a stunning work of art.

Who are the competitors and what are the contests?
    • The main competition is between 10 professional world masters, who can build anything they want with the sand at hand.
    • There will also be a head-to-head battle between sand castle teams Archisand and I.B. Posse.
    • CA masters team competition (only California artists).
    • Student competitions that will focus on art and architecture.
      • The three levels consist of middle, high school, and college.
This year’s competition will blow you away don’t miss out on this once a year competition!

Sand Castle San Diego Event Tickets and Sponsors

The US Sand Sculpting Competition and 3D Art Exposition is going to be held on Friday August 31 through Monday September 3, 2012. (Labor Day Weekend).

Its at ‘B’ Street Cruise Ship Terminal Pier, in Downtown San Diego.

Tickets are affordable for the whole family. - CLICK HERE FOR MORE TICKET INFO

Expect to see some of your favorite brands there as sponsors too. Big shout out to Mini Cooper, Sheraton Hotel, and the San Diego Padres for support our community event!

If your company is interested in being a sponsor visit .

We look forward to seeing you all there in a few weeks, and be sure to take lots of pictures!
And then tag us on Facebook. Please? :)

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